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Plan a Fun Time with Our Specials & Events

Adult responsibilities and hardships like bills, work, errands, cleaning, and cooking are inevitable parts of your week. While they are typically not fun, they are necessary to manage your life. When the workday ends, and you have finished with your responsibilities, you deserve to enjoy yourself at an establishment offering various specials and events. Joe's keeps your fun time affordable and entertaining most days of the week with drink deals, ladies’ night, and more. Our local Sarasota, FL bar is an excellent place to meet with friends or make new friends throughout the year. Make our location your destination for an after-work drink or a weekend hangout while enjoying a pay-per-view event. Our fully stocked bar features outstanding beer and spirts from all around the world and even here in Sarasota. If you need to feed your tobacco fix, we have a collection of fine cigars for you to light and puff. You can truly enjoy your free time all week with our fun and cost-saving specials.

Find a Deal or Event that Suits You

Joe's wants to make sure we have specials and events to cover our patrons’ wide variety of interests. Bar and restaurant workers can get a break and blow off some steam with a few drinks on Monday nights. If you like White Claw and want to save money on your night out, visit us on Wednesdays. Most nights of the week have a special deal to enhance your imbibing because you should get to have fun after work and on the weekends. We also have special holidays like Mardi Gras covered with festivities to ensure you have somewhere to go and celebrate. Don’t miss out on our costume parties and other periodic events, which often get sponsored by new and exciting spirits for you to try. We invite you to review some of our specials and events to plan your weekly leisure activities:


Service Industry Night


Buy One Get One Tito’s


White Claw Two for One


Ladies’ Night & Video Trivia 7:00 - 9:00 PM


$5 Bombs


UFC Fight Night (no cover, pay-per-view)

Upcoming Events

Mardi Gras

Come to Joe's for Fun

Joe's is ready to serve patrons from all walks of life who seek a fun time and a cool, perfectly mixed drink any day of the week. Let us make your free time a pleasure to unwind from adult life.

Stop By Today for a Drink!