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Do you allow smoking?

We are now a nonsmoking facility, however, smoking is permitted on the outdoor patio and sidewalk tables.

Do you allow outside food or beverages?

Food purchased from other businesses can be brought in for consumption on-premise, however, any beverage purchased off-site or otherwise is not permitted. No exceptions.

Do you host private events and parties?

We do not host private events as we always want to be open to the public, however, we do welcome events such as bachelorette, birthday parties, etc.

Do you have a cover charge?


What about parking?

Paid parking is available on Main Street and in the Parking Garages and free 2-hour parking is available on side streets such as Lemon and Pineapple.

Do you take Apple Pay?

Not at the moment but plan on adding that option in the near future.

Do you host fundraising events?

Yes, we have hosted many fundraisers in the past and are open to them.

Do you sell gift cards?


Do you have a happy hour or daily specials?

Yes. Happy Hour runs daily from 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

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